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Trainer: Ross Lightle

Days: Client Choice

What would it mean to you to Establish a Vision and get CLARITY about what you want to share, give, become, do, have and experience?

Ross Lightle has coached some of the most successful real estate investors and business owners in Canada. He shares his best practices and processes, in compressed timeframes, using common sense and decades of experience.

As an active investor and businessman himself Ross walks the walk. He believes you learn far more during your failures than you do from your successes and he has had his share of both. The old saying of “a man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with a theory” certainly applies. Once you are a client of Ross he works with you to take you to the next level and beyond. He brings years of experience, smart thinking, sound principles, and best practices to you so you can incorporate them into your own life and business so you get the results you want.

Let Ross help you:

  • Get CLARITY on what you want to share, give, become, do, have and experience
  • Determine your High Leverage Activities (HLAs) so you can FOCUS your efforts and
  • EXECUTE with speed to get RESULTS faster

Most people haven’t really figured out WHY they want to change. They haven’t really “dug” into what their ultimate life would look like. When you ask people “why”, they give the typical “financial freedom, passive income, control my days or get out of my JOB” answers. If we use a new real estate career as an example, the issue really isn’t that they wanted to invest in real estate, they simply wanted the results that investing in real estate can give them.

Ross has commented “After coaching hundreds of people in real estate, I can tell you with certainty that the majority of the happiest and most profitable real estate investors and business people I work with are people that have found fulfilment in something other than their business. They invest in real estate and their business to build and store their wealth and not to find fulfilment. They don’t expect their business to make them happy.” For example, they may not really need a big real estate portfolio and would actually feel more fulfilled pursuing their real passion which usually revolves around using their in born gifts and acquired talents in their life’s journey of serving others.

Don’t wait for the tomorrow. Enjoy the journey of living the life you want…starting today! Let Ross coach you to your definition of success.

Would you like to…

  • Make more money?
  • Really understand how to generate cash flow to live today and passive income to live tomorrow
  • Be more focused on the high leverage activities that produce the most significant results?
  • Get more done in a lot less time (be more FOCUSED, effective and efficient)?
  • Organize your time and your life?
  • Achieve more of your goals – faster?
  • Develop a personal and business strategic plan based first on your VALUES and exceptional CLARITY / FOCUS / and EXECUTION
  • Spend more time with family and people you care about?
  • Live a more balanced life with a lot less stress?

Then maybe what you need is Ross Lightle – the premier real estate and business coach in Canada!
When clients come to Ross and his Rich With Ross team for advice they want someone they can bounce ideas around and strategize to achieve results. They want a coach who can see the forest and not just the trees – a high level perspective. They want help developing their company strategies, executions, culture and structures. They want to become better leaders, develop better talent, become more innovative and stay ahead of the curve in their respective fields. Ross and the Rich With Ross team deliver RESULTS in compressed time frames.

Most often friends, family and employees just don’t “get it”. They don’t understand the stress and pressures that an entrepreneur is under. They often have great advice like “Why don’t you just get a job?” It’s not their fault – they just don’t have the same vision and don’t see your dreams. Entrepreneurs are a special breed and we need others entrepreneurs who have “been there – done that” to relate with and be with.

Coaching and large group training in business and real estate is Ross’ passion. Ross says “Coaching is one of the most rewarding things I do. I love helping clients overcome challenges, turn around their business, and most of all I love helping them succeed and seeing them move to the next level.

Experience what thousands before you have already discovered and why Ross is in demand as a coach, trainer and speaker. Access decades of best practices, proven results, and an expansive arsenal of tools to help you focus on the high leverage activities that move the results needle so you get the results you want faster!

Call Barb directly at the Rich With Ross Studio and book you time today. (250-517-8318)

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